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Luna Winking
I can't understand why people think I'm a dog, wink, wink.

Luna's newest friend, Kodi.

Joey comes over to visit for awhile.

Luna makes a new friend, Clyde, in 2005.

Luna sleeping on my bed, 2005.

Luna Visits Dogwood Park in 2003.

Luna's friend, Sammy, visits in 2002.

See a video of me learning a trick from Jeff on Christmas day 2003! (this may work for you or it may not)

Cause I'm a back door dog

I was born sometime in the late Spring of 1998 in Gainesville, Florida. I am a female of an unknown number of puppies in my litter produced by an unknown mother and father whose breed is mostly Retriever of some kind. I'm not too particular on my breeding because I know I am a good dog.

My original owners, I don't really like the term owner but what's a dog to do, could not keep me. Why, I do not know, but I think I'm glad it happened the way it did.

When I was just 8 or 9 weeks old they tied me up to a utility pole near Alachua General Hospital with a note attached to my collar saying they could not care for me and hoped that I would find my way to someone who could. Can you imagine the terror I felt when they drove away and left me there! It was awful just waiting for soemthing to happen.

Hanging out in the back yard

Thankfully, can you say lucky dog, I was picked up by some kind people in a truck and taken to the Alachua County Animal Control Center where I was inspected, injected and disinfected hoping that someday I would be selected.

Finally in early August, a few days after my personal hell had begun, I saw this bearded man with long hair walking with a pregnant girl and a little boy come past my cage. I had seen this before. Someone comes along admiring me and saying what a pretty dog I was and all and then just leaving without me. What was I doing wrong, I thought. Surely I must do something outstanding to get noticed and taken out of this lonely cage to a good place.

Back yard is good

They played with me and I thought maybe this would be my time when they took me back to my cage and played with another dog. And then another. Can't they see how good I am! Please come back and play with me, I shouted, to no avail.

Just when it looked like they were going to leave without any dog, they came back to my cage and took me out for another look. I played it cool, walking like a pro on the leash and not getting too excited or jumping around too much. Won't you please take me home?

And then it happened! They left without me and I almost lost all hope right there on the spot.

But something strange happened after that. The Animal Control people took me into a small room where they gave me a shot and I passed out immediately. I still don't know what happened when I was asleep, but I no longer have any desire to do the dog thing with the male species.

Living room is OK, too

And two days later the long haired, bearded guy was back and he was smiling! So was I! Here is my chance for a new home, I thought. And what a good home it is, too! I think I surprised Stan a little when we got home the first time because once he opened the front door, it was like I had already been here before. I knew just where I had to go. I trotted through the living room and the kitchen, out the back door onto the screen porch where I pushed open the screen door with my nose and continued into the back yard where I promptly did my business. Stan was praising me for being such a good dog and I just thought that was marvelous. I really AM a good dog!

So that's my story. I've been leading a very nice, quiet life in High Springs, Florida with my "owner", that term doesn't seem so bad anymore, since then. I like happy endings!

This is the life!

Most of my days are spent lounging around the house waiting for my buddy, Stan, to get home. I like it when he comes home because I know then I will get a milk bone for my treat and he will pet me and love me like I deserve.

It's tough being a dog because we have no sense of time. Do you realize how long a day can last when you have no idea what time it is? It's a hard problem to deal with. Lucky for me, Stan loves me and gives me all the attention I deserve when he gets home. I have learned to work for my treats, ask Stan. I am a good jumper and I pay very close attention when Stan plays hide the dog treat and tosses it in the air trying to surprise me with his quickness. He used to fool me most of the time but now my reflexes are quick and I can grab that treat 9 times out of 10 when he tosses it up unexpectedly.

But I always get my treat no matter how much effort it takes me to please my master. Dog treats are really very, very good! And the other thing I look forward to every day is in the evening after suppertime when we go for a walk in the neighborhood. I have met many interesting dogs and cats while on our walks and I never run out of things to sniff. I used to walk on a leash because Stan didn't know if I would stay around or not but I finally proved to him that the leash is unnecessary. I would never stray very far away. Life is too good.

You can take at look at some of my pictures, aren't I cute? I don't have a care in the world as long as I live here.
I am a very good dog!!!

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